Our Story

Our experienced and Owner managed approach, coupled with our international reach of current Equipment and quality focus, delivers exceptional results for our clients. We supply and Install Security Equipment and Sundries for Individuals and Businesses.

Innovation need not to be due to outright invention. Instead we focus on bold, new combinations of existing components dispatched well to unlock new possibilities.
Our Philosophy
Established Security

What We Do

We provide lasting solutions to physical risk questions, and advise businesses and individuals on all aspects of security. Our teams rely on technology and maintain a keen eye on aesthetics of resultant installations and services.

With each customer engagement, we therefore provide working solutions that are efficient and minimally obstructive. Our solutions must have a significant impact that goes beyond the present risk. We make sure our solutions are implemented thoroughly, right from the beginning. After we are done we continue to support our clients.

Our work carries up to 12 months manufacturers warranty on equipment and a 6 month labour guarantee.

Why Choose Us

We get it Done

We make sure our solutions are implemented thoroughly right from the begining

Safe and Secure Always

Our leaning is towards technology as we feel that security shouldn’t be difficult.

Continued Support

Our work carries up to 12 months manufacturer’s warranty on equipment and a 6 months guarantee on labour

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